DaVinci Instructors

Our teachers are world renowned musicians and composers who have a deep love and respect for students and their individual learning styles.

About DaVinci Instructors

DaVinci Instructors work with every student to provide the type of instruction that meets their learning needs. Instructors also helps them reach their performance goals. We have some amazing instructors with A LOT of experience in helping children with individual learning needs. Instructors share their musical love with each student and work with them to find where their musical passions lie.

All of our instructors participate in on going Instructor Training at DCMA. DaVinci founder Maria, has degrees in special education/music and has worked with students of all levels for over 25 years. Our vocal instructor Elena, has worked with neuro-diverse children for over 20 years. Amanda our violin and piano instructor, has been working with special needs children for over 5 years. DaVinci recently teamed up with Occupational Piano, a school in Boulder, who specializes in neuro-diverse education. Many of our children are labeled “gifted and talented” and many have gone on to achieve pretty amazing things.

Over 200 Years of Combined Teaching Experience

Our teachers are world renown musicians and composers who have a deep love and respect for students and their individual learning styles. Teachers participate in ongoing teacher training to help every student become a “whole musician’ who can play by ear, read music and improvise freely in solo or group and become part of a nurturing musical community.

Parent Testimonials

“The mission, goals and values of Maria and all the teachers totally resonate! The teachers are wonderful – skilled and empathetic, with a passion for music. I recommend this studio wholeheartedly… your child will thrive here (as did ours) .”
Gargi Duttgupta

“Our son has been a student at the Davinci Center for seven years. He plays, composes, performs and enjoys music on a level he would never have achieved without the Davinci community. The instructors are accomplished musicians and teachers whose offerings go far beyond a weekly lesson. Students and their families become part of a community that inspires artistic expression while building talent, friendship and confidence.”
Katie Gill

“My son started lessons with DaVinci at preschool just as he turned 4. He is now 14. I love how patient and caring Maria is and how she integrates brain development and guiding students on creating their own music as well as learning to sight read and play some very difficult pieces.”
Linda Chatfield