Improvisation & Composition Lessons

This is the absolute best way to learn any concept, by making it your own. 

About Improvisation & Composition Lessons

We are all creators. Creating music is the best way to build confidence, intelligence, inspiration and fun! Many students find the creative piece of their lesson to be their favorite time. Students find their creations coming alive by nurturing teachers who expand and solidify the student’s songs and snippets by playing along with an improvised duet. By doing this at every lesson, students can integrate what they are learning about harmony, melody, ear training, and conceptual ideas into their own songs. This is the absolute best way to learn any concept, by making it your own.

Regular Harmony Classes are the best way to co-create songs with peers. Harmony Classes happen 7 times/year and students use various instruments, genres, stories and imaginations to build a song together. The songs are then ready for the annual Creations Concert.

The Creations Concert is the biggest inspiration and culmination for creating original music for our students. Original songs, including Harmony Classes songs, are given to professional musicians (many on staff at the DaVinci Center) who arrange the songs for Jazz Band and/or Orchestra and then perform them in a formal concert at the Broomfield Auditorium. All of our students, ages 5 through adult, are given this opportunity. As one of our veteran Creations Concert student states:


“It is an amazing feeling to hear how a song you labor over to put down on paper is realized into a wonderful sounding piece of music. I can personally say, that each time I have contributed a song to “Creations” I have learned so much and the effort advances my music skills immensely.”

That’s what it’s all about!

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