Paul Belden

Piano Instructor, Piano Playtime Instructor

Paul has performed professionally for children since 1978. Beginning with the Storytellers resident company of the Denver Children’s Museum, he went on with his Children’s Theater/Elementary Education degree to become one of the founders and owners of KIDSKITS, Inc. This renowned local theatrical company included a performing troupe of 6-16 year olds, a conservatory, talent agency, and summer camp in the Rocky Mountains. Paul’s show, Story PlayTime, entertains kids at Timbuk Toys and on his YouTube channel, Mr. Paul’s Place.
Mr. Paul has been singing and making music his whole life. As a toddler, he used the piano for dramatic effect for his stories, and eventually learned how to entertain himself with piano, guitar, clarinet, recorder, banjo, ukulele,dulcimer and more. Mr. Paul will provide our community with fun-filled Piano Playtime classes and beginner piano lessons at Timbuk Toys. His magical storytelling and musical presence will delight children and parents alike.

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