Maria Hart

Davinci Founder, Piano, and Piano Playtime Instructor

When not forgetting to make her daily tea before the pot burns to a crisp, Maria is in daily comatosed awe when witnessing the genius of the inner musician in all of her piano friends. Piano friends include anyone who’s been on this planet for 2 or more years and is curious enough to sit in front of a piano and doodle. Armed with pianos, kids, music, great teachers and administrators, the music of past, present and future is celebrated and mixed in with the beauty of original music from who ever’s on the piano bench.

Inspired by overrated degrees and training in Education, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Piano Pedagogy, Traditional and Suzuki Music, Kodaly, Orff…. blah blah blah, Maria has allegedly founded and is running (to where, who knows) the DaVinci Center for Musical Arts. Started in 2003 under the name of Heartsong Musik, and formerly Musikcare, the DaVinci Center now muses piano, violin, voice and guitar for 5-99 year olds and most popularly, Piano Playtime. Piano Playtime establishes programs in preschools for little maestros 2.5 to 6 years old. As research has it, starting piano before the age of 7 gives human beings a larger brain size and other lifelong perks. Not starting piano until age 8, Maria is hoping to get more of her own brain growth to engage as she flops around on the floor with mini-pianos and preschoolers, having the time of her life!

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