Parent Information is Crucial for Student Success

You are the most important factor in your child continuing lessons. Getting off to a good start is key! The overall outlook on what your child is learning, parent support and commitment are important. As well as your personal engagement in actively continuing to learn about, and participate in our program. Growth guarantees your childs success. More importantly family participation helps facilitate the childs brain power and intelligence. You are important to us!

Staying the Path

Creativity in music and art is a lifelong road and sometimes its success comes down to merely staying the path. Success is based on many components and one of those is simply to stick with it. Stay the path, the ups and downs, and natural ebb and flow in pursuit of a goal. This can be weathered well with a commitment to carry on and a strong support system in place. Your child’s creative education in the arts is effective thru a partnership with your child, your family, and DaVinci Center staff. Let us know of your concerns and we can work together to best meet the needs of your child.

Parent Classes

Your attendance at the Parent Class is an important piece of what we do at the DaVinci Center. A one-time attendance at a Parent Class is required. The Parent’s role in the Whole Art Learning Approach at the DaVinci Center is vital to the success of each student. We urge you to make arrangements to attend while your child is newly enrolled in lessons. For some of you, if it’s been awhile since enrollment, it is imperative to get into this class as soon as possible. We want to partner with you in your child’s success in music. We greatly value the time and sacrifice required of you in this endeavor.

Over 200 Years of Combined Teaching Experience

Our teachers are world renown musicians and composers who have a deep love and respect for students and their individual learning styles. Teachers participate in ongoing teacher training to help every student become a “whole musician’ who can play by ear, read music and improvise freely in solo or group and become part of a nurturing musical community.

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Parent Testimonials

“The mission, goals and values of Maria and all the teachers totally resonate! The teachers are wonderful – skilled and empathetic, with a passion for music. I recommend this studio wholeheartedly… your child will thrive here (as did ours) .”
Gargi Duttgupta

“Our son has been a student at the Davinci Center for seven years. He plays, composes, performs and enjoys music on a level he would never have achieved without the Davinci community. The instructors are accomplished musicians and teachers whose offerings go far beyond a weekly lesson. Students and their families become part of a community that inspires artistic expression while building talent, friendship and confidence.”
Katie Gill

“My son started lessons with DaVinci at preschool just as he turned 4. He is now 14. I love how patient and caring Maria is and how she integrates brain development and guiding students on creating their own music as well as learning to sight read and play some very difficult pieces.”
Linda Chatfield