Welcome to Piano Playtime

 Please review the important information below and give a holler for any questions or valuable input.
Also, please make sure to send a spiral notebook every week for piano notes so you can stay up to date with what we do each week.

Thanks for sharing your young musician with us!


Founder/Director, Maria Hart
DaVinci Center for Musical Arts/Piano Playtime
720-466-5119 (office)
720-838-8685 (cell and text)

  1. Please send a spiral notebook to class each week for music notes!!!
  2. Class is 30 minutes long, 1x/per week, 5 pianos, four students, and too much FUN! 
  3. Tuition is $88/per month and is processed on the first of each month for the ensuing month, or prorated for the first month from the card on file.
  4. The registration fee of $40 is added to the first payment.
  5. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, give a 1 month’s notice of disenrollment (for AutoPay stops).
  6. Holiday weeks are: July 4th week/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year – no

Massive research shows that preschool piano causes lifelong benefits in brain integration, increased intelligence, and countless other positives. PPT is designed to activate/integrate/build all parts of neural centers. Children who begin piano before the age of 7 and develop to a fair proficiency actually grow a larger brain! Research continues to be staggering. Gosh, every human should be so lucky!

Makeup lessons are mostly done by adding extra time to weekly lessons when the teacher has to miss (rarely). If the children miss ONLY for reasons of illness, vacation or emergency, they can take 2 classes on any given day, or by adding extra
private time, upon request. Maximum of 4 makeups/year, please.

No classes on the Holiday weeks of July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Tuition is figured on an annual 48 wk/ cycle, thus monthly payments are always $88, whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons/month.

Because we do not issue refunds, please give a one-month WRITTEN notice to this email should the children need to stop Piano Playtime or graduate to Paired Studio Classes (for ages 5.5 to 7.) In-Home private lessons and also lessons at Timbuk Toys, University Hills are available for ages 5-adult.

Below is a very fun and inspiring Creations Concert Clip, a short 3-minute video to watch with your little maestro. It is part of our annual Creations Concert where all of our DaVinci Center students’ original songs are professionally arranged and
performed in concert by the DaVinci Center Faculty.

This is what awaits our Piano Playtime graduates when they continue with Paired Studio Lessons after Piano Playtime. Enjoy!