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About Piano Lessons

The DaVinci Center for Musical Arts offers piano lessons for ages 3 to adult. Instruction is offered weekly as a 30 or 60 minute private or semi-group session. Lessons are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in a variety of different styles. As classical/traditional, jazz, rock, contemporary, Christian, blues, gospel, etc. We additionally have several instructors on staff that specializes in teaching and developing skills using the more traditional format. Starting with experiencing the joy of playing by ear, improvisation, and creating original music. Also includes music reading, and understanding music on an analytical level with book learning and theory. As well as slowly progressing into playing in correlation with the notes that are learned.

Students are encouraged to create their own pieces, based on what they have mastered through reading music, Improvisational skills and reading music. Whatever style of piano you would like to learn, our instructors are ready to customize a lesson plan for you.The Whole Music Method paired with Suziki Piano is perfect for all students to create a life-long love of music.

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