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About Violin, Viola and Cello Lessons

DaVinci Center Violin lessons are offered to levels in traditional, Suzuki or a blend of both methods. A natural and developmentally sound approach, the Suzuki method is perfect for the younger students, because auditory inputs are the greatest during the ages of 3-6. Older students also may use this method in addition to note reading, improvisation and eventually written compositions Core principles are emphasized, starting with the fundamentals – learning the parts of the instrument, proper finger placement and bow hold. Our comprehensive violin lessons include theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history. The DaVinci Center aims to deliver the finest violin lessons and viola lessons in Denver by presenting repertoire and technique in new and exciting directions. Our violin teachers and viola teachers are also pianists and often apply theory, aural and practical training at the piano during lesson times with our violin students and viola students.

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