Piano Playtime

Give your young one the best possible start in overall brain development, confidence, and just plain old fun!

About Piano Playtime

Our Mission

  • To unleash the innate creative potential in every child through kindness, hard work and appreciation.
  • To help preschoolers develop the highest possible levels of intelligence, neural integration and brain growth during the extremely critical stages of early childhood. 
  • To work together with deeply caring parents, family, teachers and community to expand our appreciation and care for one another. 

“Play” is learning for the young child and we take your child’s play seriously. There is no other time in a child’s life when piano is so critical for accelerated brain growth. At our classes in the Metro Denver/Boulder area, we use the Whole Music Approach (WMA) which develops young musicians who can play by ear, improvise freely and later compose and read music.

 Intellectual Growth

Want your young loved one to physically grow a bigger brain while “playing” and having fun?  Piano Playtime does just that with age appropriate fun and interactive learning!  (Daily Science, February 2013; Parenting Science – Music and Intelligence, Schlaug Ph.D, M.D, 2005).

Piano uses about 86 brain functions at once.   Reading a book, doing a standard math problem and playing a sport takes anywhere from 10-15 brain functions.  Piano is the only activity that has been proven to increase actual brain size in preschoolers. The studies are numerous and staggering in their conclusions: such as piano tops even computer, foreign language and violin classes in helping preschoolers function at higher levels and use more of their brain not only during class times but transferring to all other areas of neural function. These benefits are for a lifetime! Seems like such a small price to pay for such monumental benefits.

About Piano Playtime

  • 30 Minute Classes
  • Ages 2½ – 5 Years Old
  • 4 Students / Class
  • Month-to-Month Commitment
  • Annual Recitals

Call For More Information:

(720) 466-5119

Meet Our Piano Playtime Teachers

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Broomfield DaVinci Center

The Gardner School of DTC

Imagine Early Education and Childcare of Parker

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Primrose School at Candelas

Primrose School at Colorado Station
Primrose School at the Denver Tech Center
Primrose School at the Flatirons

Primrose School of Lafayette

Primrose School of Saddle Rock 

Primrose School at Tallgrass

Schlessman YMCA Child Care Center

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