Heidi Palombi

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I began studying piano at the age of 14, I played the Marimba for 7 years before that. That is how I learned the keyboard. I wanted to learn piano after I heard some beautiful classical music on the radio. I wanted to play like that. So I began piano lessons.

I majored in music in college and studied at Mt. St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, CA., with a focus on piano. I also studied for 2 years at the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific in Northern California. I had some excellent piano teachers. Most of my teachers were concert pianists. I graduated with a bachelors of arts in applied music from Mt. St. Mary’s University. I have been teaching piano to all ages since then.

I have lived in Colorado since 1990. My most recent teaching experience has been with students of all ages at Music and Arts in Littleton. I also have been teaching 3-5 year-old children at a preschool in Littleton, CO. My love for music and music education motivates my teaching. I am flexible and adjust lessons to fit the students learning style.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and our 2 dogs. I also like cooking, crocheting, and watching old movies.
There are many rewards that can come from learning piano. For children, it will improve their ability to thrive in other subject areas, such as math, reading and foreign languages. It will influence their mood and bring joy to their life. It provides an avenue for self-expression. For adults, playing piano music can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Self-esteem and memory will improve. All of these claims are based on scientific research. There is no better time than today to learn piano.

Heidi Palombi

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