Danielle Miller

Piano Instructor, Singing Instructor

Danielle Miller is a professional singer/songwriter, poet, actress, psychologist, healer and vocal/piano instructor. With her patient, calm, kind and positive energy she will encourage you to be the best version of yourself possible.

At age 8 she began playing piano, at age 11 she was accepted into an all state choir, at 13 she studied with an opera singer, and starred in several musical theater productions throughout her youth and young adulthood. She minored in Theater at University of Vermont and majored in Psychology.

Her long term career goal is to go back to school and get a Masters Degree in Music Therapy and work with children on the autistic spectrum. In her adulthood, Danielle has been in a variety of bands ranging in genre from indie rock, to folk, to funky blues and most recently new age/spiritual and electronic dance music. She has played therapeutic music in hospitals for cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy, and also for hospice patients during their transition from this life.

She has composed two albums, collaborated with other musicians who invited her to be a special guest performer on their albums, even had the rights to one of her songs bought to be used in a motion picture.

Danielle believes “We all have gifts that when nurtured and supported with love and compassion, can truly blossom from hidden potential to active creation.”

You may also hear her say things like, “Life is a blessing and music is the language of the soul.”
“What is your soul longing to express?”
“Feel the music, with your heart, and create from there.”
“How are you feeling today? Lets write a song about it.”

As a teacher and spiritual leader she believes in the power of community and bringing people together to create inspiring, healing, and uplifting performances.

“One can never underestimate the power of music, art and creativity to change lives, even in the darkest of times. For that is when we need it the most, and it all starts with love.”
“If you are ready to step into your power and take your love of music to the next level, lets create something beautiful together.”
“You are not alone; you can do this!” “I believe in you- anything is possible! ”

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