We do ONLINE, LIVE (in Broomfield and University Hills, Denver) and In-Home live lessons.  With the Summer coming and lots of cooped up kids wanting to get into lessons, there has been and will continue to be lots of new enrollments.  That means lots of our teachers are already full.  It would be so sad if somebody leaves for summer, and calls us back in August and we have no spots. That’s what we want to avoid. So, remember, if you’re a current student or if you’re new and  want to join us, there are a few ways (below) on how we could help you keep your day and time with your teacher after summer and avoid having to pay another registration fee in the Fall.   Also, please be kind to your student’s brain!  It’s extremely important to have consistency in learning when playing an instrument.  It takes massive brain power to attain profiency and our brains appreciate all the help they can get!  We are happy to report that almost all families stay active with their lessons throughout the summer, usually at their regular weekly time.  A LOVELY gift to you AND especially to your child! 

We have 3 great options for you.

  1. You’re welcome to Zoom in for your lesson at times pre-arranged with your instructor.
  2. You’re welcome to talk to your teacher about having longer lessons for certain weeks in the summer to makeup for lost time. Some families take only 2 one hour lessons per month throughout the summer to keep their spot and to maximize the student’s learning.  Or mix-n-match months/length of lessons for the summer to equate to their regular weekly lessons.  Please check with your teachers.
  3. You can sub lease your spot to a family member or friend. Most of all, enjoy your summer. Go to the mountains, travel, whatever.  Have a great time!  But don’t lose your spot with your teacher by withdrawing because…. YOU WANT TO KEEP THAT SPOT, especially the prime spots between the hours of 3:30 -7:30. Those are the times that are in the most demand. So, take advantage of our summer make up options. Contact the office if you’d like to chat, and maybe come up with some creative options.  It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself or your child to keep lessons going throughout the Summer!


If you have a friend who might like to take lessons and you refer them to the DaVinci Center, you get one lesson for free after they’ve taken one month of lessons!  Maybe you could try a new instrument or get an extra or extended lesson to work on the song you’ve been wanting to nail.  Or give the free lesson to a friend!

It’s very easy to refer someone,  Just visit: davinciarts.org and click on “learn more” or “contact us”. Type in your name.  Then in the comments section, type in their name and their contact information (phone, or email) and that you are referring them.  We’ll take care of the rest! 
There’s no maximum to the amount of free lessons that you can receive!


Share Music, Improve Lives Everywhere!!

In our monthly newletters, look for the SMILE section, designed for ALL students, teachers and parents to share!

1. Students can ask or answer questions that can help each other.

2. Offer to help with a friend’s practice time.

3. Send in pictures/videos that can inspire other students (please no “show off” videos, just sharing to inspire!)

4. Give suggestions to teachers, parents and the music school on how to make things better.

EVERYONE is eligible and encouraged to be a SMILE er!   No musician, student, teacher or family is more valuable than another and whatever we can offer to help another……the better we all become.   Check out SMILE George, below for a sample of what you can send into the office via email/text/phone so we can publish them in the newsletters and online.  When submitting photos and videos, remember you are agreeing to having them on our website, FB  and mailed newsletters.  SMILE submissions need to be into the office by the 1st of each month for the ensuning month’s newsletter.

SMILE George Grady


SMILE George

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play the piano

How long have you taken lessons? 

I have been taking piano lessons since I was four, although I took a break for about 2 years when I was 12 years old.

Who are your favorite musical artists and composers? 

My favorite musical artist is Chopin because his music is so creative, unrestricted, and beautiful.

What are your other hobbies and interests, besides music? 

I love to play golf, it is one of my favorite things to do.

Favorite food?

My favorite food is Sushi. 

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past year? 

The coolest thing I’ve learned in my lessons is how to play the minute waltz, because it is very fast and difficult to play. 

What would you recommend to other students who are learning to play an instrument? 

I would recommend to students learning to play an instrument to play the music that they love, because it makes playing an instrument 100x more fun. Also, I’d suggest working hard on technique because it makes music much easier to play.

See George at age 9 playing his own song Sonatina by googling “Creations Concert Clip”.  The chamber orchestra, Sphere Ensemble, arranged and performed the piece in the 2015 Creations Concert.  We will likely hear George’s newest original song at this year’s Creations Concert and at one of the Performance Classes.

Over 200 Years of Combined Teaching Experience

Our teachers are world renown musicians and composers who have a deep love and respect for students and their individual learning styles. Teachers participate in ongoing teacher training to help every student become a “whole musician’ who can play by ear, read music and improvise freely in solo or group and become part of a nurturing musical community.

Call For More Information:

(720) 838-8685

Or Send Us A Message


Parent Testimonials

“The mission, goals and values of Maria and all the teachers totally resonate! The teachers are wonderful – skilled and empathetic, with a passion for music. I recommend this studio wholeheartedly… your child will thrive here (as did ours) .”
Gargi Duttgupta

“Our son has been a student at the Davinci Center for seven years. He plays, composes, performs and enjoys music on a level he would never have achieved without the Davinci community. The instructors are accomplished musicians and teachers whose offerings go far beyond a weekly lesson. Students and their families become part of a community that inspires artistic expression while building talent, friendship and confidence.”
Katie Gill

“My son started lessons with DaVinci at preschool just as he turned 4. He is now 14. I love how patient and caring Maria is and how she integrates brain development and guiding students on creating their own music as well as learning to sight read and play some very difficult pieces.”
Linda Chatfield

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